Los Angeles, CA Wood Flooring Report

Los Angeles, CA Wood Flooring Report

Los Angeles is unique with its vast offerings from wood flooring distributors and manufacturers. This report attempts to single out some of the best in LA and the industry.

Pacific Hardwood * Orange, CA

Pacific Hardwood is approximately 33 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It offers Custom Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring manufactured in the USA. Some stand-out features are long board lengths in many styles, from standard surfaces to custom wire-brushed or hand-scraped. They also offer custom patterns like Chevrons and Herringbones. Pacific Hardwood also manufactures molding and stair treads in various wood species to match its flooring options.

Phone: 714-998-6446 / Website: https://pacifichardwood.com

Ark Floors * South El Monte, CA

Ark Floors is approximately 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It offers engineered and solid wood flooring in many stains and styles. Their offerings in LA include Teak, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Acacia, and Tigerwood, as well as a large selection of custom Oak Flooring. They also offer moldings to match their Flooring.

Phone: 800-918-6188Website: https://www.ark-floors.com

Galleher * Santa Fe Springs, CA

Galleher is approximately 14 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Galleher offers Wood Flooring brands in LA such as Monarch, Reward, Lauzon, Boen, Somerset and Sheoga. There are some beautifully crafted wood flooring styles among their brands.

Phone: 800-448-9663Website: https://www.galleher.com

Summitt Forest Products * Cerritos, CA

Summitt Forest Products is approximately 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Summit offers some of the most beautiful and unique American Hickory Flooring in Hand-Sculpted, Antiqued, or Burnished Surfaces. They offer Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring in many styles and stains.

Phone: 562-236-5744Website: https://summittforestproducts.com

Europafloor * Van Nuys, CA

Europafloor is approximately 19 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It distributes Legno Italiano, Bergamo, and Boden-Floor wood flooring brands in LA. European Oak is a popular choice, and Europafloor specializes in it.

Phone: 323-673-6000Website: https://europafloor.com

Saroyan Hardwoods * Huntington Park, CA

Saroyan Hardwoods is approximately 6 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Saroyan Hardwoods is a 70-year-old manufacturer specializing in premium, unfinished wood flooring. Saroyan offers White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Maple, Hickory, and even Sapele. They provide various grades throughout the species and unique styles such as Parquet, Herringbone & Chevron. Saroyan Hardwoods also offers solid and engineered Flooring in multiple thicknesses and widths. Something unique and a must-see is their Rift and Quartered White Oak Flooring. They also have stair treads, stair risers, base board, base shoe, reducers, and other moldings available to complete the project.

Phone: 800-624-9309website: https://saroyanhardwoods.com

Hallmark Floors *  Ontario, CA

Hallmark Floors is approximately 36 miles from downtown Los Angeles. They offer over a dozen pre-finished wood flooring collections with different widths, surfaces, stains, and finishes. Their primary focus seems to be on engineered Flooring, but they also offer some solids. The True Collection is unique as the color goes completely through the heavy wear layer. The line has incredible visuals like lemon grass oak, orange blossom hickory, and juniper maple. Then there is the Organic Collection with a reclaimed wood patina and the Grain and Saw Collection with a 14th-century handcrafted visual. Hallmark offers a complete line of color-matched transitions for its Flooring. All in all, Hallmark Floors is another unique manufacturer in the LA market.

Phone: 888.551.0888Website: https://hallmarkfloors.com

D&M Flooring * Torrance, CA

D&M Flooring is approximately 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. D&M is a manufacturer and supplier of wood flooring in LA. It offers smooth, brushed, fumed, carbonized, and hand-scraped wood flooring in many colors and widths. The engineered flooring lines range from 2mm to 4mm wear layers; some offer lengths up to 82.5". D&M has some nice lines that would perfectly fit many projects.

Phone: 310-988-1900Website: https://dm-flooring.com